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Alphasoars Checkpoint: Mind Stimuli

How has the soaring gone Alphasoars? Today, on our checkpoint section we are going to talk about something interesting, Always Motivating, Also Enlightening, All sides, All views and All yours.

Where do you get inspiration? What motivates you do what you do?  Where do you get that spur, that burning desire? Today, I shall with my small mind list five things that I have observed that give people the stimuli they need to succeed.

The five of things I think could spur people to greater heights hereinafter called mind stimuli include; Love, Music, Mutual Suffering and Friendship, Alcohol and Fear. The first three are positives while the last two are destructive but as I watched down the history of achievements looking at the lives of people that did exploits on their fields I realize that some did their best when under the influence of Alcohol or Fear.

However, before I go any further I want you to know that the negative effect of Alcohol and Fear in the life of an achiever is much in relative to its positive effect. Therefore I would still not recommend both to you as mind stimuli. I wrote a post on drugs and its effects on this section Here!!!
So the question is how it happens that the aforementioned can stimulate you. Many people if asked where they wanted to be, the reply would always be ‘the top’. They have that dream of getting to a great height, but looking at them critically, they have no motivation to succeed. Love motivates in a great way. When you look at the lives of people that succeed in life, you are going to by no doubt find out that they were motivated to success by the love showered on them by their parents, their friends or their mentors.

Love could be seen in many forms. It could be in form of encouragement, lending a hand or at most sacrifice. Those that have gone above the skies have experienced 100.999 times of failure. By this, the average person will be tempted to quit, be reluctant in attaining his set goal, but because of the love of those around that picks him up, removing the dirt on him with loving and encouraging words of ‘you can make it my son’, ‘you will get there my friend’ they eager to continue to fight through.

When a person witnesses love, I mean love in a greater dimension, where the one putting the fire under him has to overlook his frailties and keep giving him the needed support, I don’t see such a person remaining at the level of mediocrity for a long time. Love conquers all.

Music has effect on the listener for sure. But the effect can be determined by the way the message, the tone and lyrics is been presented. Music plays a major role in turning your subconscious mind in a second. How? The singer or musician through his mind composed the music maybe for entertainment or more especially the one that has a lesson in it and as you listen to it, you will see that he has released a thought or a picture of an idea into you. And with that, you see yourself standing up, as if you just woke from a dream land with a fresh thought to attain your desired height ACCORDING TO THE CONSCIOUS THOUGHT IN THE MIND OF THE MUSICIAN PASSED THROUGH THE LYRICS, TONE OF THE MUSIC TO YOU.
Music across the ages has been a way of passing message across to individuals at one point or the other. I know you have heard of the talking drum of our brother, the Yoruba. They tell you that the rhythmical sounds they make with the drum have a lot of things to tell the listener, ‘one who understands it’.
A great care should therefore be taken by the listener to music to know what effect each music you listen to will have on you. Music has great power.

When I talk about Mutual Suffering and friendship I did a careful observation at the Apostles of Christ in the Holy Bible. You will notice that by careful observation that the Apostles attained greater heights in their various ministries by looking fully well at their friend and master. They would always rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer for Christ and the gospel’s sake. Some of them would have escaped death at one point or the other but with that attachment they had with Christ, they always prefers to suffer to attain greatness, to go to heaven and meet Jesus so there were always ready to die.

In America, Martin Luther King Jnr. made that famous speech, ‘I Have a Dream’. That speech was seen to have come to a great realization in America but would you know that after he died there were people, say, his friends who took up that decision to pursue that course no matter what and today it’s becoming a reality.
As you soar in life, you can be greatly stimulated to achieve greatness when you see your friend soaring here, even higher than you at the moment. You can also be spurred when they begin to tell you how they were able to get to where they are and then you pick up the challenge to also get there. Sometimes it could be that you are with your friend and both of you have agreed on achieving some set of goals and suddenly he is not there for good. By ‘for good’, I mean he didn’t just leave you for selfish reasons but for reasons and circumstances that were beyond his control, maybe disease, imprisonment or even death. And because of that mutual attachment between the both of you, you will always seek a way to achieve those goals.

Some people achieve some undisputable heights due to fear. This could be fear for poverty, fear of death or even fear for criticism. Some people always shiver when they hear of poverty. With this they tend to go extra mile to make sure they are stable academically, financially and all way round so they could run away far from poverty. Some it is the fear of death, they feel that ‘I might die in a moment I don’t know’ and this tends to spur them and push them to attain heights you can never imagine. This happens much when they individual feels insecure maybe about his family in that no one might take care of his family if he dies. So he tries to meet up some long term goals to secure his family’s future and all that.

There are people that are always pissed off when they are criticized. And they don’t want such statements as, ‘your mates are succeeding and you are not’, your JUNIOR brother has this and you don’t’ and or ‘why is it that you can’t even achieve a small goal of killing an ant’. They feel ‘they are nothing if they don’t achieve this goal or that goal’. At this point, their mind is stimulated to achieve their set goals.
The stimuli gotten from fear are always destructive as you tend to make many fatal and irreparable mistakes in life.

So tell me what stimulates you as you soar high!

#aside: do you know that a snail can sleep for complete three years without getting up?

Happy Soaring!!!

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  1. Hhhmmmmnnnn This is some really deep post oh! I mean i could literally here your heart speaking as it must have come from the depths within..Nice one CEO alphasoars Inc. sir.. iLikeY... I admire the ghen ghen way you write.. You do your thing and you do YOU well.. keep keeping on sir.. It is only your kind that truly make a difference.. That being said.. I never let Music drive me to success.. I let my Pain Drive me to success.. You see my life has never been perfect.. Love?! heheheheh Love is the only thing that my world is suspended by.. So its Definitely Love and pain.. I have gone through a relative amount of things in life.. Not the worst.. But things that literally broke me.. But then realizing that I have a Dad and a family who believe in me with all they have GOT regardless of how Broken i am, makes me understand that I have to keep keeping on..

    Boss I Don't Fear Death.. My only True fear is Dying an Unlived life.. Cheers baba.. Let your pain derive you.. as truly yeah.. Only you know what you have been through,... and only you know where you wanna get to.. This is my mantra of life.. although it was created her nah nah shhaaa.... **Truly yeah, GOD Almighty works miracles on blogsville.. :) It is a totally fresh level of inspiration... and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeeaaahhh mehn...


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