Monday, 1 June 2015

#Supposed_December_2014_last_post - Sony Hack, What for!!!

These days, cyber crimes are becoming something else. Sony had witnessed yet another attack. Yes, you are probably wondering when Sony was previously attacked.

Let’s get to it.
A hack was made on Sony was in April 2011, according to CNN, Sony’s PlayStation was shut down for almost a month as hackers stole the private information of about 77 million users. After this attack, a 19-year-old Briton was arrested as a member of the group responsible for the attack.
Still 2011, some hackers released 150,000 Sony picture records, including user names and passwords and still claiming to hold an estimate of about a million persons’ information.
In October 2012, a hacker group called “The Three Musketeers” released a security key that allowed PS3 users to run pirated games on the network.

Now, the year 2014 seems like a reprise of this attack. In November 2014, some cyber criminal minded hackers hacked into Sony’s private computer systems which hold the data of the company’s operations paralyzing the activities of the company. They went further to side lick some hypersensitive information of the company – employee information, top staff salaries and private mails. The attack went viral online for quite some time as the hackers asked for the cancellation of the Sony awaited The Interview premiering. They claimed that further attacks would stop if they (Sony) would obey them at this time.

The attack triggered massive investigations from the states. Later, the FBI released statement alleging that North Korea was behind the attack s they were seen against the premiering of the movie/comedy The Interview. These findings led to the exchange of words between the countries leaders involved
This attack, so serious that the Secretary to the White House had to release a statement saying that this attack was a serious National attack.

The President, Barrack Obama of America had this to say about the whole issue, “The cyber attack is very serious, we‘re investigating it; we’re taking it seriously, we’ll be vigilant; if we see something we think is serious and credible, then we’ll alert the public. But for now, my recommendation would be that people go to the movies”.

Men, why was the need for this. I had to ask myself unending question . . .

Can’t dialogue resolve issues?

Do we need to threaten peoples’ lives for others sin?

Do we have a safe place in this world again?

When do persons, people, group of people really get to get along?

Happy Soaring!!!


  1. **covers face** Papi, I am an ethical white hat I really can't say much on hackers....buh hey! Happy new month and keep soaring!!!

  2. First off.. The Interview!!!!! Yyyyyyyaaaaayyyy... hehehhehhe that is by far one of the most hilarious movies i haf ever seen.. and i mean EVER!!!! chisos! hehehehe it was cray cray i tell you.... and the ghen-ghenLY cool thing about that movie yeah was that they didnt care whose ox was gored.. but rather danced like no one was watching by using real names all through.. classic movie i tell you.. Epic as well..

    Mehn Alphasoar.. Truth is in my 23 years 5 months and 19 days young and confused head ba, i for one believe that as long as there are laws ba, they will always be broken.. People will always steal... there will always be frauds, there will always be crime.. There will always be Yahoo boys, Aristo's and Runs Gehss... At the end ba... It all boils down to the level of seriousness and intensity of care as enforced and shown by the varying clientele.. Mehn Omolomo cannot be bothered about Sony's issues mehnn.. **pops collar.. they are a big coy making cash off of me my self who is a playstation freak.. hehehehe infact shout out to the Theree Musketeers for giving CheapSkate me an opportunity to play Pirated compact Disc's on the PS3 sef, they deserve a grammy for that..

    hehehe Hafa nah Oga Boss?! Hope ya soaring Chief of staff... Hope ya winning... #Udo.


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