Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Investment II

Today’s post is going to be a short one. It is a concluding part of our investment post. 
According to Wikipedia, Investment is time, energy or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame. We have already talked about investment in the last post where I mentioned some areas where we need to invest and how we can be able to actualize that. I talked about investing in one’s self, career and family. You can read it here.

Through the Wikipedia today, we have really understood investment in a general sense. I call it a PROCESS. 

 A process which demands something of the investor which could either be Time, Energy or Resources. Investment cannot be done without a material thing at hand. There are forms of investments that one can also engage in monetarily such as the Buy and Hold investment which is mostly used by those who buys shares in companies and later on, at a higher rate, they sell it. Also, one can invest in a business, say, a friend’s business, which to you lacked capital, or he approached you to invest in it. There are many other areas one can invest financially. I urge you to take initiative or consult a financial or investment firm for guidance.

Before I leave the keyboard, I will like to talk about some guiding principles I think every investor need to take note of……
-          Your investment should be on the business part you are sure of. You don’t need to invest because you saw the opportunity to invest but because you are certain and sure of it.

-          You must follow your heart when investing. Don’t let anyone compel you towards investing in a business line just because he is there and thinks it will be great for you. Work with your heart to achieve a better result – think first.

-          You must, as an investor, learn the risk theory. Firstly, you will understand that going into investment means that you are following the risk theory. Many people have had heart attacks and many like my Bible will say have ‘fallen asleep’ because of the negative result they saw at the end of investing some reasonable amount of money into a business.

-          Lastly, I will advice that you manage your investment by yourself. This is to avoid some stories that really touch the kidney. Take time to study what you are investing in and manage it yourself. By that you will have the opportunity to be monitoring the growth of it or otherwise.

We draw the curtain here. Thanks for reading.

Tell us more using the comment box pretty please, we love your judgments.

Happy Soaring!!!

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