Friday, 4 September 2015

Alphasoars are not angry . . . *winks

How is everyone doing today? How did your Ember month start? Hope no turbulence in the skies? We are still here, just cooking up some things @ Mrs Gloria. And thanks everyone for staying in touch, we will be up in no time from now. Thanks for coming around, just gracing our old post. A popular line . . . "crimson hart on you, crimson heart of you original hart eject ordinary heart elect. don't sit like an effigy statue, dream lit births total eruption" Do something new today! Happy September everyone! Happy Soaring!!!


  1. Great to know ya doing good sir.. and glad you could drop by to say hi! Weldone Oga Boss..

    Sir... We nominated you for the Mr. Versatile Blog Awards.. please can you check it out here....

    Please take up the challenge if you can sir, and tell us a liRRle someth'N about you.. Pretty please sir. and the crowd goes.. Pppppllleeeaaasseeee.

  2. Thank you SiR we will surely check it out and see to its positivity, God willing.

    We appreciate your coming sir.


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