Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Investments

All hail alphasoars!! How has the soaring gone?
We are on Checkpoint section today. Let's soar . . .
It is worthy of note and to understand that we humans are made up of quite different things in each one of us, I mean, ideas, tastes, choices and values. How we put our ideas together, discover our tastes, harness our choices on the right path and balance our values in our lives make up who we are. Today we are doing investments.
Our style of doing things at times determines whether we will carry out certain things that help us to grow in life. And so is the aspect of investing. Most persons do not value the talk of investment because they care much about 'living for now'.

It is said that the poor eat what they have and the middle class save what they got and the rich invest what they have. Having physical cash does not entail you are wealthy in a more comprehensive sense. It only means you are rich (money wise). To be wealthy has to do with the proper cordination of your whole person in the right dimensions, financially stable, emotionally balanced, mentally strong, intelligent and wise in family setting, Healthy, socially healthy as well with proper stand in other areas.

To attain this goal of being wealthy, there is need to learn the investment theory. It is a process that does not guaranty quick success but steady success.
Investment should be whole! Investing your money in companies, buying shares, building companies and lending monies should not be the end of the investment. One will need to invest as well in yourself. putting yourself up to date on current information and current happenings in the society you live and around your choosing careers.

There is also need to invest in ones family, your kids - give them the best education you can, the best training they need to get as kids from a responsible family, your spouse - give them the best of attention, the best of partnership, the best of friendship and the best of your time.

We will learn investments with examlpes of people in the concluding part.

Happy Soaring!!!


  1. Nice one Chief Alphasoar.. Its amazing how you think Sir... I mean your Blog covers Every single facet of Life.. Nice one Oga Boss... Aswear i wanna come and goan be like you when I grow up... This was a ghen ghen read...

    I like what you said and i quote "having Money doesnt make you Wealthy.. It only makes you Rich for that moment" that was so On point.. Nice one sir... I soooo cant wait for the concluding series.. and i would be very grateful sir if you could Highlight various forms of Monetary Investments as well.. Happy Soaring Oga Boss.. keep Winning.. keep Flying.. Keep Dancing like no one is watching Sir.. And the crowd goes.. Ooooooossheeey Turn uP!

    1. Hiya Oga Boss Alphasoar! How are you sir?! Whats the 411 nah?! No new posts sir?! Please update eh! Or I kidnap you :)

  2. Having money is just a pinch of salt in a cooked meal as compared to wealth. And it isn't what makes wealthy but the entire healthy composition of one's being. Thank you, I guess we just need to keep investing properly.

  3. Nice seeing you again today.. Please come and refresh this page b/w please do drop your url whenever you visit ejooor..


  4. Nice one Admin... we will continue to soar

  5. Where are you??????



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