Sunday, 26 July 2015

I Forgot

All hail Alphasoars!
How has the soaring gone. Nice having you guys around and mostly fellow bloggers, checking up on us Just last week, our next door neighbour Duru, the YnC Captain celebrated Two on blogger and in such a steady ride. We at Alphasoars Blog congratulate you and pray more wisdom to write. Once again congarts to the YnC Captain and the awesome gang of Wisdom.Thanks Gloria of for checking up on us.

A poem to our beloved mothers who labour for us young minds on daily basis till we reach our goals and destinations. Mothers give their ward commands and advice but most times through negligence and forgetfulness they don't give heed to it. Well, the consequence is a good spanking you receive as the result. Then she will in love recall you to order until you give the favourable response.

The Rain:
Mama called and asked me why
I looked up to the sky
oh come on, i must have been confused
Yes I realised, I was induced
'Cause pitter-patter, i never understood
until its heavy downpour i couldn't withstood.
Come on, she said
Then I remebered, umbrella was made
to shield me from the wash
for negligence i accepted the call with rush.

The Result:
Look back said said
then I felt the singing in my head
'cause my ears pumped out the timbrel sound
making my head go round under the sun,
caught up to heaven between the earth
I felt the shiver on my toes.

Hear you word!
oh my ward!!
on love mattress, i curdled you
on stinking pads, i pulled you
on distress call, i watched you
on my platform, i pampered you,
I endured it,
I went through it
I smiled through it
I pursued at it
and yes, i died for it
That you will grow up and stand on strong grounds.

The Response:
Oh mother I forgot
remind me.
oh mother I forgot,
rebuild me,
Till I can stand on strong grounds again.

Happy Soaring!!!


  1. The love of a mother is priceless and irreplaceable.. Thank God for a Mother's heart of patience and understanding a lot of us would have dropped out of life..


  2. Yes indeed Ifeoma. Thanks for coming around on Alphasoars blog.

  3. I love this. Mother's love is priceless. Although I lost mine long time ago.


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