Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Prison Break!!!

Hi Soars, how has the soaring gone. I believe we are having smooth sailing on the skies. Keep soaring. 
Now, lets talk! 

Readers note: please Alphasoars, if direct words aren’t used on you for certain reasons maybe emotional, you might not want to read this post. Thanks for understanding.

Many people never agree to the fact that they are prisoners. Yes, maybe you aren’t bound hands and feet, put under lock in a secluded, small, stinking room. But can you reading this, truthfully tell yourself, ‘am no prisoner’.
 You are prisoner to whatever keeps a path of you in a retarded motion. Instead of accelerating wholly, you are partly decelerating as a part of you keeps struggling to move.The first jailer on the list is Time. many of us are prisoner to time. how? Because we failed to plan our schedule or harness our opportunities. We wake us each day instead of thinking about the day's activities, we are held up by the previous day's activities we failed to carry out. it keeps you back from fully accelerating (achieving set goals) in a more concrete direction within a specific time frame. Another on the list is Procrastination. Procrastination tells you that, there is always time tomorrow and for that, 'why worry?'.
Then you stop worrying at that moment and then you put forward that activity. but when tomorrow comes, it comes with handcuffs and arrests you, takes you to prison of brokenness and made a prisoner. Have you overcomed procrastination? Then I think you are free. Hey but wait, are you not a prisoner of emotion.

This one is mostly a link, connection factor. most persons walk about each day but are held captive by their emotions. And through my humble unpublished research, I came to realise that having much attachment and affiliation to something or someone makes you a prisoner. Think about it. There are those that are pet freaks and they nourish a pet, say a dog and on the long run, you realise that the pet have gotten enough space in their heart. Then unfortunately they pet dies or gets sick, then they totally go nuts and you see someone crying a whole 30 drums of tears for the pet. I just used that as an illustration but you can see for yourself that it happens all around us. Prisoner of emotion.
Some persons are attached so dearly to someone that they can't stand the 'it is over' lines. they totally loose it. 
Well let's say you are free from emotion, are you then free from been mentally imprisoned. Mental captivity comes mostly as a result of inferiority complex. Having that 'they are better than me' attitude. Some people are gods inside but we never know because they have totally become free slaves to mental bondage. 
Sometimes, it is as a result of mental slothfulness.Which is one's inability to utilise his mental capability to the fullest.You can write articles, have a nice niche but you sit back and say, 'they are better, i can't', then you are a prisoner.
Let me stop here because you might claim this freedom from mental slavery, how about been a slave or prisoner to self. Yes self. The battle for self gratification is a constant war that many people never know how to overcome. it could be the pushing to use drugs to alleviate one problem or the other, satisfy that opposite a'gender, acquire that expensive but not needed material. Then watch it, you are a prisoner.
I stop here on been a prisoner. Many African countries claim freedom since nine such and such but if you watch them, the kind of slavery they are in now is worst that the former. Their reliance on former colonialist for everything is a show that they are not free.
Personally, how do you view freedom. A popular artist said, 'emancipate yourself from mental slavery'. Freedom is worth possessing and it is a personal thing. For me, it is not gaining freedom that matters but the ability to imbibe and attain a level of self comfort that matters. You become free by thinking freedom and becoming restless with your present state of slavery.

A popular American Bishop says, 'Freedom begins in the mind'. Start to think freedom, don't doubt yourself. Think freedom, think accomplishment and think long life. (please pardon the presentation and grammars)

Happy Soaring!!!

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