Saturday, 23 April 2016

Everything Goes II !NIGERIA!

Hy Alphasoars, how has the soaring gone. It's been a good while ago since our last, before the post, meeting and I hope you all are fine.
Since we are all in the same 'Village', lets talk to ourselves on whats going on in our various units. I said village because they said this world is a global village and I quite agree with it.
Those in my unit, Nigerians, how far? The President has been traveling to secure many things that will help us have a nice stay in this villa. He is trying so hard and I hope you can see?

I wanted to ask questions like, Do we have ministers?, Do we run a country that has the peoples' will at heart? Are they masses, Nigerians, reaping something they or someone else sowed? Do we explore crude oil in this country? But I stopped and asked myself, Am I a Nigerian? Yes, I am!
Dollar rise, Dollar rise, na for the people head o. We buy items at price 500% greater than sometimes last year. And they said is because of Dollar. Why would food stuffs just just increase because of Dollar. Well, i guess because we do not produce any! We thought it was play last year until it dawned on many persons that the cost of living in this part of the village is excessively high.
At this point, the standard of living has greatly dwindled to a greater extent. Though am not an Economist, am just trying to think through.
Electricity has been a thing of the past as we seem not to have any visible happy tale to dish out to those that will want to know how we have been enjoying 24/7 power. When the ministers are appointed, we will surely enjoy the dividends of democracy, was the story before the appointments but now it has turned around as we cannot pinpoint any minister's handiwork. Except those that will be claiming past glories and according praises to themselves.
Nigeria we hail thee o!
In Nigeria, we do not have a steady 2 hours light per day in most cities. Giant of Africa they call it. Then give us petrol, lets put on our generators. They import refined petroleum product, PMS and sell a litre for #220. That one na say you for see am buy o!
Nigeria we hail thee o!
Transport in Nigeria is just another aspect I see has tumbled hopes. Where we pay Naira 50 to get to, it now Niara 90 under 'I beg sir'. Where are we going to Nigeria?

How Much is petrol selling at your side of this village? How is your side of this village?

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