Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Ageless Story

Hi Alphasoars. How has the soaring gone? I hope progress is counted positively as you soar. Keep up.

Let's tell a story. It has been told some centuries back but I do not really know how they talked about it back then. For all I care, am born a 21st centurian so spare me the past century tales.

Oh well, it is not a moonlight tale, though, for some of us that write, we like to see the moon up there for us to write CLEARLY! LOLZ...

His name is Jesus. The only one who has existence not visible even before Terah gave birth to his first son. But wait, this write up is a little about him and more of what happened that neccesited his emergence.

And thus it went . . .

It happened in the morning of this fateful day in Eden. Eve had discussed with her hubby, Adam about what she considered the health benefit of the tree in the middle of the garden. But Adam convinced her that despite the fact that the tree was medicinal, the consequences of eating it was grievous.
She agreed without further questions then the morning arose.

Adam lifted his crude tool, his hoe, hanging on his shoulders, he leaves to care for the garden - so happy he went.
"Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works the hand hath made. . . Then sings my soul, my saviour God to thee. . ." Eve sings happily doing her chores.
Meanwhile, Lucifer had set up plenaries at the red parliament earlier seeking for vote of either the man or woman to start his awful mission in the world. If he gets any to vote on the matter, to convince the other partner would be easy, he thought, knowing full well that having both parties(Adam and Eve) sitting for plenaries, it would highly be unfruitful.

At this time the woman is less busy and relaxing with some freshly pressed fruit juice. Then the plenary kicks off. Can I mention thaat the plenary startes actually under her nose known only to Lucifer and presided by him.
He approaches her with some good tricky smile,
"Hi", he said to her.
"Hey Luci, how you doing? Its been a while I saw you around here. How's everything" she replied.
"Am good", Lucifer responded.
Looking carefully and analysing her responses, Lucifer concludes that she must have been wanting to have some conversation. He looks down into the cup of juice Eve was sipping without a word. Eve became worried and asked what the matter was.
"I thought it was the juice from the tree in the middle of the garden" he replied.
"oh come on, you know I can't even touch it because we have been given command not to. And also warned that it we fault that, we are dying straightaway" she explained.
"For where" he asked and ran towards the tree and plucked out one and comes back.
"You can observe this one" he said and hands over the fruit to her.

"See, there is nothing like that oh" he continues, "its just that HE wants to command obedience from you and your hubby" he concluded.
"Like seriously!" Eve exclaimed.
"Yes of course, there is no way you will just die like that for eating ordinary fruit" Lucifer answered.
"You know", he continues, "HE said don't touch and now you've touched and carefully observed it, now tell me, have you got a headache?" He asked.
"Ya making sense Luci', Eve cuts in, 'I spoke to my hubby yesternight about this fruit o but he was still afraid of touching it" she said shaking her head.
"You know, she continues, he is the head and am here just to obey and help him submitting to his will. And now I don't know what to do Luci, maybe I'll just keep this and see what he will say when he returns from the field" she concludes.
"Come on, it will still be the same story, what I'll suggest is you take a bite of it and reserve some for him and when he returns you lovingly presents it to him" Lucifer adviced. "See, you will thank me later because you guys are going to be gods, knowing left and right and commanding undisputable authority" he concludes.

Eve took the fruit and carefully bite into it and enjoyed it as she went.

Adam came back later in the day, tired and hungry and was served a nicely cooked meal.
"Darling please, before you eat, why ont you take this fruit first" she requested.
"Hey come on, this looks like the fruit in the middle of the garden. Why did you eat of it without my consent and I hope Boss have not been around today" he requested mildly.
"Oh spare me the headache, he hasn't" she replied.
"I mean, just take it, this stuff is medicinal. Something I considered scales, left my eyes after I tasted it an I feel after a day's work like this, you'd surely need that" she cuts in lovingly.

Meanwhile Lucifer had ran back to the red parliament to continued his under-cover plenaries and was about to say the 'ayes, or 'nays' have it when Adam returned from work. So he came back and watched the dialogue that he planted within the couple. As soon as Adam ate of it, he heads back to the red parliament and didn't know when he said, "the nays have it".

De fin du mois!

That's how it went, the nays having it nessecited the emergence of Jesus. So I think.

What do you think?

How did you read this story?

P.s. no editing, I typed with my phone so edit please, in your head.

Happy soaring!

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