Monday, 27 February 2017

At Alphasoars Blog . . .

We discuss the total man!

We analyse his lifestyle!

We inform him of his environment!

We disect each and every new news for his consumption!

It ranges from:

1. Health

2. Humour

3. News xtra

4. Education

5. Lifestyle

6. Career

7. Goal setting

8. Relationships

9. Christianity

10. Politics

11. Science and discovery

We are not limited because we are unlimited!!!

We are not Glo but we Glow!

We are everywhere but not MTN because we ride Measure for Measure!

Alphasoars blog . . .
                               The Intellectuals' Arena!

All you will have to do is

1. Bookmark us

2. Subscribe to post by email

3. Visit regularly n bringing friends

4. Contribute your knowledge through comment or/and posts

5. Talk about us

And what we will do for you

1. Give you more posts

2. Entertain you more

3. Inform you more

4. Enlighten you more

5. Encourage you more


Happy soaring!!!

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