Monday, 5 June 2017

I Am OK!

All hail Alphasoars!!! How has the soaring gone? I perceive, 'smooth'.
Happy New Month. I want to use this medium to inform, remind and update all Alphasoars that my birthday is fast approaching and you'all know what's up, right? Lols.

It is June 11!

Today's topic is not about me though it sounds personal. I want us to look at ourselves and ask, and answer truthfully, "How am I".

It sounds so simple but when you look at it critically, you will discover its complexity. It demands a simple answer but requires an indepth analysis. Humans have through the time made themselves the worst pretenders. They give a reply to questions like this in so simple a manner. They give you the "I am fine" response while they bottle up the "I am not completely fine" symptoms by all means.

To give the 'I am fine' response, one must be completely sound Mentally, Psychologically, physiologically and Emotionally.
A complete analysis of your present state should tell you if you are fine. When you are emotionally disturbed and distracted, there is that higher percentage that you are going to be irrational in dealing with other people's feelings.
There are two things I found out that could make you not to be fine emotionally, psychologically, mentally and emotionally and I will also tell you how to handle them effectively.

1. Inability to master your surroundings

2. Inability to grow with time

It is absurdly absurd to hop into a new environment with both legs, feeling comfortable and also irreplaceably dangerous to stay in an environment for 24 hours with one foot up!
Some persons go to new places and feel comfortable with everything, maybe because they find a close friend there or maybe because they feel they know almost everybody there (either from work, religious gathering, same village). Feeling comfortable is the last thing on your mind when you approach a new environment - new house, new job placing, new religious affiliation, new property. Your first aim should be to observe and to monitor.
To analyse things very carefully because you must certainly invite the 'different strokes for different folks' approach. In essence, observation is key to monitoring your environment.
When you fail to master your surroundings at first, you are going to be hit by the worst regrets "....I thought I knew", by then it becomes a minute late and you are emotionally drenched and mentally sapped.
At this point when someone asks you, how are you, What will be your reply?

"He did this yesterday and same today" . . . oh yes and tomorrow, he still will! Thinking humans change with time is hurting. Why? Because they may never will. Instead of wanting others to change, please I advice you to do the changing, yourself. I am suggesting to you that you grow up with time.
Always acquire more approach to handling same troubles while expecting them on daily basis. James took your phone charger home yesterday and you were furious.
You spoke to him about it and he pleaded with you and you forgave him. I want to tell you to grow up with the fact that he is still going to take your phone charger the one thousandth time.

For you not to always be emotionally and psychologically drenched, grow up with the fact that you will always be hurt every day.

Think on these and put into practice, if found applicable and I guaranty, YOU WILL BE OKAY!

Happy soaring!!!

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