Friday, 5 May 2017

Your Future is Marred and Your Life is at Risk

Doom doom doom!
Can you but spell it,
D - O - O - M, Doom,
Its meaning, brings heat.

Doors of Opportunities opened but Opposed by Man,
On the heels of each fateful day,
You have no option than to ask, How can?
and you, forgetting that man as gods also have the keys.

I weep for thee, Oh Spermatova,
For thy future has been sold for pennies,
Rest in thy haven before emergence
For want and drought has overshadowed the day.

I pray you, show me when you must come,
For with my blood, as mingled with water,
I will fight to unlock these opportunities, so locked,
For thy happy stay.

 Finding yourself in an environment so overtaken by those who have hearts of stone. Great risked was taken in days past to free the country from external rule. A government that was termed autocratic and demonic by those who opposed it. It was a kind of rule that the citizen has to beg to eat what comes out of home soil.
A rule characterized by external dictatorship by those who seek resources to create 'their own civilized world'.

The clueless elders were bought over by Dry Gin and meaningless Gun Powder for those that hunt. Our rulers were deceived by jokes of everlasting empire for which a few from the hinterland understood at inception and fought against until they were called to glory by natural death or by man initiated murder.

A few decades past, freedom was given to our dear country but was not taken. ''Cluelessness'' overtook us. We were like the prodigal son who has acquired multiplied wealth and riches, lacking management thereof.
We so abandoned our heritage, our beautiful culture of sanity, of wealth creation, of peace without hostility, of morals in good form.
We found ourselves with shovels trying to gather together riches, not for an even distribution, but for personal satisfaction.

Most of those in authority in this country have defiled morality by selling us as slaves in our own country. Because of these, fellow countrymen, our future are marred. Moreover, the future of our dear Spermatova is almost shattered.

To cite an example.
We all know that a gas station cannot be cited in a place close to where people habits. Even the blind knows its definitely not appropriate. And no one approve of such citations except those in authority.
I so found out that a gas station can be cited at a place so inhabited by citizens not even up to 5 metres away. Some authorities found it out and stopped the process but later work again started at the site again.

What happened.

Fellow citizens, our lives are at risk.

We have to disengage this people.  Someone asks 'How'. First realize that our problem started with us when we gave these people the mandate to lead and it could end when we remove the mandate from the and relieve them of perpetrating more havoc on us and our unborn future.

Follow the trend!

Get involved with the politics!

Relieve tribalism and religion!

Seek to enthrone democracy!

Happy Soaring!!!

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