Sunday, 16 April 2017

My Inspiration Bank

All Hail Alphasoars!
Happy Easter to everyone. How was your celebrations and I hope Alphasoars' Chief is not left out in your celebrations, send my Chicken and Rice across oh.
Happy celebrations/Holidays as you continue tomorrow been Easter Monday.

Today we will be talking Inspiration.

Miriam-Webster tells us that Inspiration is
1. something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create
2. force or influence that inspires someone
3. a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something.

Going by the above meaning as giving by MW, influence is the driving force behind new innovations and creations. There are times when one's bank of ideas seems to be running dry.
When it seems you've lost control of your mental capacity and it looks like you are at the brink of quitting a one time fulfilling course.
That time when you pick your pen to write and discover you want to sleep more.
That time you are way-down than your real self, you feel depressed.
That time what is needed is a little 'push'. That time like the 'Christians' will say, you need the ressurection power to bounce back.

This push is better known as inspiration. Some know what and where they go immediately when it seems they lack inspirations to get inspired.
It is a process that says that you are Tired and almost Expired, then you Retire (to your inspiration bank) then bounce back in almost a fresh nature to Refire!
There are things or places where creative minds could get that push. It could be from Lone Time Meditation, Spiritual (God), Books, Songs, Artifacts and Nature.

However, I discovered that most persons that were creative in there various fields were inspired from negative influences from drugs, Alcohol, sex and spiritism.
A known English writer never wrote his best poem until he was under the influence of alcohol.
Addiction to these negative influences in a bid to get inspiration could be very dangerous because of the after effects that follows such engagements.
A private tutor once told me of an encounter he had with one whose inspirations were motivated by hard drugs.
*** He board a Keke to take him to school where he taught. The keke driver was a well dressed and clean looking young man.
They had gone about ten minutes into the journey and the driver started to plead with him, "Senior man, abeg make I go blow small". He was saying it and panting seriously while driven and shaking like a rat that has its tail lit with fire.
"Abeg carry me go school, am late" he told the driver.

"Senior man, if I nor blow, we go get accident here, abeg five minutes" the driver keep pleading with him.
Seeing the seriousness, he let him stop the keke and "blow" by the road while he waited.
"Ha, senior man you na the bros, you don save my life today", the keke driver told him after he finished with a wrap of weed.

He told me that after that session of "weed blowing" that took like five minutes of his time, the keke driver became stable and drove sanely to his destination. ***
Many are like that, getting inspired from the wrong places. And another said when his inspiration is lost, he must satisfy himself with anything on skirt before he could regain balance.

These places offer temporary inspirations, Inspirations that must be 'referred to' almost at any given time before a propelling force is activated.
When inspirations come from the right places, there is peace and calmness that if you have to refer to your bank of inspirations, there will be no need to check who is looking.
Seek Inspirations from the right place and you will be happy at the end of the day!

Happy soaring!!!

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