Monday, 26 June 2017

Your Bluetooth is not Discoverable

All hail Alphasoars . . . 

Happy Sallah celebrations, happy Eid to my Muslim friends. Shebi yesterday was sallah? and I was expecting some chevon or beef but alas I was disappointed. There is God ooo!!!
Anyways Happy holidays all.

I was on a taxi heading to my house. Those in the taxi were busy with boring news and dissecting what may never be. I quickly brought out my phone to play me some music.
Robert Kelly was giving me some tunes, bad as it may, my ear phones were not closer so the person closer to me was hearing the song playing. The person closer to me, A God Created Lady asked me to transfer the song to her. The available option was through Bluetooth. So we put on our Bluetooth for the transfer to take place.

We had to pair first. I couldn't find her phone as I searched for available devices. She tried same and same result. I now realized that the discoverable option on the Bluetooth settings was not activated. We had to select the option and then re-searched, paired then the transfer was completed.

We had wasted about 20 minutes before we realized that our devices were not discoverable. So is life, many of us walk around looking for where to connect but we never attempt to make ourselves discoverable. You meet people each day and it seems nothing is happening. Your Bluetooth is not discoverable. Many a times people complain of one problem or the other and they blame others, or one devil but they never check within themselves to know if their 'discoverable' option is activated.

Steps to activating your discoverable button . . .

Look inward. How have you built yourself? Your knowledge is it myopic or encompassing. Do you have a day to day information about your immediate environment. What do you have to give out. Looking for connection means there is something you have in you that you want to give out. So when you meet someone looking for someone to connect with and you don't have anything to offer, you loose the opportunity. Blaming others will be your next step when you see someone who have been taken into consideration.
Look inwards by INVESTING in your self.

Look Outwards. Your hindsight and foresight should not be dim. You must look around and be ready to take chances. You must be adventurous and proactive. Looking outwards also has to do with your immediate environment. Been able to interact in a right way with everything in it.
We know full well that living a lone life doesn't pay at all. Be an environment friendly person. Learn how to make friends and keep track of good memories to look back to when you feel disappointed.

Look good. The saying that you will be addressed the way you dress is a true saying indeed. People never understand that their dress sense affect virtually everything that concerns your relationship with others. Watch the way you dress when you are going out. Try to know the dressing that fits into different occasions. You understand that you must be corporate when attending official meetings.

Putting ON your bluetooth is another thing and making your Bluetooth discoverable is another. It starts by making yourself READY, but don't stop untill you make yourself Available and Discoverable.

Happy Soaring!!!

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