Sunday, 18 June 2017

How I Practiced Babalawo On a Friend

All hail Alphasoars . . .
How has the soaring gone. Budget is signed, can we see the CHANGE we've always anticipated or are we going to continue dancing the same song played by 'the blame game lords'.

If you grew up in the ghetto or rather in the village, you will have come in contact with some native practices. Some of which are spiritually propelled. Some ghetto lifestyle are propelled by the environment one finds himself. Many people who have lived in the village and later migrate to the city may not find the need to carry hoes on their shoulders and heading to the farm. This may be because of the absence of farming areas. That is why it is somewhat difficult to find babalawos in the cities, though today they have developed adaptive features that allow them to migrate to the cities without much discomfort.

Growing up in the village, I came to understand that what you what, you could actually get by any means you would wish especially when it seems the clear legal route is blocked. Back in the days, for our play group, we always have to challenge ourselves to tasks. Good one and equally the bad ones. We fight for superiority. I remember fighting my best friend when he seems 'to be growing wings' and trying to encroach into my territory. The most beautiful thing about the village is the 'life of adventure'.

You enter thick forest, with clear thinking that meeting an adder is inevitable but still, you keep moving especially when you are bound on a task that must be accomplished. Adventure and curiosity continued driving us till we figured out how to hit back on those that offend us.

We practiced the babalawo acts.
Adventurous me, never involved my self until I overbore what my friend, a senior did to me. You could actually make anyone that offend you to grow thin in days and it became the most popular act for those that knew about it.

One of my friends whispered into my ears about a senior colleague who was growing slim by the day and I put him to challenge that it was malnutrition that caused it. He told me about how he had offended some other friend and the friend decided to keep him thin (the native way of avenging - spiritual).
I learnt so fast. By two days I had know the practice involved. Practice involved a simple two step order of tying, loosing and speaking.
By the next week, I had practiced the act on a senior friend who beat me up for some selfish reason and within two days, he was getting thin and thinner. I had to rush up to where I carried out the act and undo the process. The bad thing is if you forget the place you performed the act, that means your captive is bound for life.

Jesus would have done so to us for continuously disobeying his command but he came down and died for our sins. Instead of punishing, he pardoned us. Instead of chastening, he chose and cleaned us and made us his sons and daughters.
His good life of love and forgiveness made him sit continuously beside the Heavenly father, praying for us that before we commit the sin, he's already pardoned us.

His love is what we need. In this period of Ramadan, I have noticed that my friends from the other religion so much adore this period that they have 'saintlinously' separated themselves, praying for forgiveness for all their sins.
Slap someone and he prays for you. Curse him and he blesses you by the name of the God he worship.
Let us all live in peace and enjoy the good things of life provided by the creator himself.

Let the peace of God reign in your hearts by Christ Jesus. Vengeance belongs to God.

Happy Soaring!

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