Thursday, 15 June 2017

Please, Press Spoil!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Let's do a short post today . . .!!!

When was the last time you pressed the spoil button? Many people are too afraid, they never attempt new things. It takes only the adventurous minds to press the spoil button. Our Christian friends will not forget in a hurry what the wisest king said in his writings.
In Ecclesiastes, the third chapter and in the first verse he told us that "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"
I know some people will give me a nod but try to add exceptions. But I beg to disagree on the exceptions you are trying to invent. He said everything and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.
Why people are not pressing the spoil button is because they don't want to make mistakes or attract serious queries from their superiors.
It is very very unfair to not press the spoil button because, the chances that you will continue to repeat a cycle is there. In other sense, seeing a spoil button means that it must be pressed now or in the nearest future. You will be trying to not make mistakes and by that, you avoid knowing 'how bad it is' to know 'how to make it good'. Inventors are people that that have made mistakes. People that have tried pushing the publicly known 'spoil button' and the not 'so known spoil button'.

Steps to pressing the spoil button effectively:
* Press it in presence of people. Many people want to make mistakes in the hidden corners of their bedroom without the notice of their neighbours. They are not thoughtful. They never know that it might be dangerous to do what you have not done before in the hidden.

* Press it with expectations. Don't go about pressing spoil buttons indiscriminately without any thought that you might encounter sudden unwanted occurrences in the negatives.
Whenever you come closer to pressing the spoil button, expect that something new will happen.

* Be conversant with the environment before attempting the spoil button. You find the off and on button and you want to turn it. Remember whenever you turn it, to go back too and turn it either way again to restore previous order.

Warning: This is an intellectual post that seek to spur you to attempt new things WHILE AVOIDING FEAR. Don't go about vandalizing tangible materials with reference to this post.

Happy Soaring!

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