Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Spirit of Nigeria

All hail Alphasoars . . . !!!

It is rainy season in Nigeria. A time characterised by a high amount of rainfall that leaves the weather cool and wet. A season most despised because of the frequent rains and the obstructions it brings to all and sundry.
To business groups, it is mostly despised as it hinders the influx of customers who are in their homes finding shelter against the heavy and frequent downpours.

The weather affects the religious groups who hold outdoor gatherings. Due to the lower standard of electrical installations across the country, ranging from telecommunication mask to television base stations and even the electricity installations, there is a slight drop or most times, a complete outage of the services that these installations power.

The spirit of Nigeria is the spirit of courage and determination. A spirit that never gives up on life. Nigerians are found in almost every country of the world. They are super hustlers. Their tempo towards a given task is always that of winning, success and breakthrough.

Despite the economic downturns in the country, a firing spirit can be visibly seen at work in the hearts and minds of Nigerians.

The spirit of Nigeria is the spirit that never quits despite 'the little'.

The spirit of Nigeria is the spirit that dares political leaders to lead with carefulness.

It is the spirit that divides the red sea of drought to pull a multitude of fishes to the shore.

It is that spirit that wakes up an idea and carries on with it through actualisation.

The spirit of Nigeria is the spirit that spells 'ethnicity' with 'one'.

The spirit of Nigeria is a spirit that is consumed in immortality. It rings the bells of 'our heroes past'.

The spirit of Nigeria is the spirit that leads other nations, that counsels with authority, that consoles with soothing words, that preaches and practices true unity and friendship.

Arise, oh courageous soldiers,
Put on your armour, you builders,
Approach the enemies den,
For all their hisses, roars and growls of feign
Under our will, they must fall.

Happy Soaring!!!

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