Monday, 11 September 2017

Three Momentous moments in My Life I Will Not Forget in a Hurry

All Hail Alphasoars . . .

Happy new week to you. Today I shall tell you three incidents that happened to me that I may not forget in a hurry.

Car fire incident

It was November 2006 we have just finished the wedding ceremony of my elder brother and were returning to base. Boarded a taxi and was on top speed. I was young and have not been involved in any accident before. I almost slept off because of tiredness but managed to stay awake.

Almost twenty minutes gone into the journey, all we could see was people waving at us to stop the car. Our taxi has caught fire burning seriously at the bonnet and we never knew.
We got to know when we started having smoke inside the car and finally had to stop the taxi. Lo and behold, the car was on fire and we never knew. 
We came out, and did I mention, my mother was in the car as well as one of my elder brothers. Almost a family oh and the devil want to use us that Ember or year ending to do Christmas.
We came out safe and put out the fire, hopped into another taxi and got home safely at around some minutes after eight in the night.

Agbero incident

Funny but won't forget this one easily. I closed for work late that day and was going home. Had some money and my phone with me. On getting to a popular round-about at Port Harcourt city, I was accosted by this ill looking fellow oh. He came and stood beside me. On sighting him, I quickly used all the eyes on my body to search around and see if I can find any of his members around, those that are following him up.

I found out that about three other hungry looking agberos had their eyes on me. On turning to make for my escape, he matched me on my legs (I was wearing shoes). 
He turned and asked me "Why you dey match me na, you blind?” O'boy, I knew that he was just ready for me, because as much as his voice will just go up, the other ones are going to gather around and nothing else is going to happen except that I will be completely robbed (Money, Phone, Shoe even the ordinary watch I was wearing won't be safe).
Sorry sir, I said even though he is the one that matched me oh. Na so I just walked briskly, and he was following me until I meandered through a little crowd I found beside the road and off I was in my house.
Lols, it was funny and threatening.

Car jump escapades
I talked about this sometime ago on my Facebook page. I was returning from a little adventurous travel I made and was in a taxi. We had gone almost have of the journey and all we heard was 'PoHHH', the taxi's tyre was out and we were on a high speed at the middle of the express.
Mehn, I just stupidly held on to the car's door and almost opened it to jump out. But by God's grace, someone hefty and strong was beside me; he held me and dragged me back. He was hefty oh because if it was someone of my statue, hah, I would have overpowered him and jumped to my death.
This is the end of my story.

*If your time to die has not arrived, you can't kill yourself.

*If you are on God's side and trust his saving grace, sometimes you don't have to worry because you are always safe and protected.

*Never try to open a moving vehicle. Make sure the door of the taxi you entered is tightly locked/jammed.

*Never be afraid of death.

*Don't least expect emergencies, pray for wisdom to overcome and do the right thing.

Happy soaring!!!

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