Friday, 29 December 2017

7 things you find in a typical Nigerian Village

All Hail Alphasoars . . .

Merry Christmas to you and expecting an Alphasoaring year for everyone. I know most of us have travelled to our different villages for the holidays. Back at the village, the home-feeling is entertaining and most times you'll wish not to return, lols.
Just take your time and explore your village, so when you are expected to return to the city, you will find yourself fulfilled and happy. Some of us, your village might be someone's city. Like you are a native of Port Harcourt, and you are residing at Lagos. PH City becomes your village! You don't agree with that? Lemme mention seven things you find in a typical Nigerian village and if at the end of my list, you can't find about 4 of them in your village, then you aren't from the village.

Ok legooo . . .

1. There is always this uncompleted building at that corner of the village. Tell me if there is no uncompleted building in your village so that I can delist it immediately. Most of us will always ask our elders, 'who owns that building'. The reply you will get will start with a sigh which will be followed with an 'it is a long story' kind of response. Then they start telling fairy-tales about the building and its owner.

2. There is always this abandoned school by the corner of the village that has produced, Presidents, Governors and national leaders of various categories. This school is left unattended. The structure is dilapidated and seriously surviving on life-support system. In this school, you will find the best of teachers who have given up on expecting six figured money to come from anywhere. They have been told that their reward is in heaven. But you will still find them faithful to their jobs - no truancy, no absenteeism.
The government and those it has produced in the years have all become too classy to look at the mould that shaped their future and putting it in a better shape.

3. There is the presence of a mud house somewhere around. You doubt me? Just ask the elders you have in the house and you might be shocked that your family house just took that look because it was plastered with cement and coated with a nice paint and you think it was a block house.

4. There is this notorious person that is known around the whole village for some devilish links. Everybody gives him/her way and he has too little friends who visit him because of what people have suspected to be a very bad side of him.

5. There is a celestial church down the road. If in your village, no bells are rang at a particular time of prayers by a cele organisation around, please raise your hand lemme delist this one. Apart from them been the foremost, there is also this native doctor's palace that have turned to be a 'village museum' for all. But you don't dare approach it, you stay far and admire or curse the place. The place is desolate, lols.

6. There is only limited source of water and therefore translate to, there is always a popular source of water for the whole village. Where you always to go and meet your mates you left ten or fifteen years ago. "There is so much reunion at the well". 

7. There are limited places to charge phones because of 'too much' NEPA lights everywhere, lols. I got to know most people travelled because; there have been lesser persons on Social Media. Dem no get place to charge their Iphone Xs and Galaxy Notes.

Use the comment box and tell other things you find in your village if you travelled for the holidays.

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Happy Soaring!!!

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