Monday, 17 November 2014

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Haven’t Times Changed???

On Alphasoars Checkpoint today and also subsequent other post on our Checkpoint section, I will be discussing salient issues that tends to becloud the mind of youths. The series are going to cover some predominant issues in our lives as youths ranging from sexual affairs, drugs, friendship and marriage.
These series of discussions are largely going to be based on a book I read some three years ago and I just picked it up to go through it again and it just clicked into my head that I should share stuffs with you guys. The book is titled Straight Talk To Youth (Breakin’ Out) and authored by a renowned Australian speaker, Bill Newman. The book is readily available at most prominent libraries or Christian bookshops around. So I urge you to grab a copy and find out all you need to know as a young person.
I know most of us Alphasoars at a point in time in our lives have asked this question on certain occasions over and over again, Haven’t Times Changed? Today’s discussion will be based on premarital sex, so grab a cushion, a chilled ice cream and ‘chillax’ and lets discuss.
Premarital sexual relationship is that relationship which exists between two people of opposite gender, who have not publicly taken the marriage vows which is associated with sexual affairs. We see this relationship around us at every corner of the street. Now I know the question that might be going through your head, ‘why discussing this?’, ‘Any special thing in it?’, ‘Anything wrong with it?’. In the past decades, it will be an abominable act to see two young people cuddling on the street. Not even only cuddling, but I have witnessed what is been done to ladies on trousers. They are been regarded as those who are not part of the society and most time stuffs are been thrown at them while kids take the pleasure to sing some annoying lyrics at their backs. Haven’t times changed? And strictly on my opinion I want to say ‘No’. 

why then did I have to reply No. I say no because, it is a bad thorn in the flesh of our society. Many avoidable calamities that befall the individuals who engage in the act and in extension the society would have been averted. There are many things that premarital sex have and is still causing in the society in which we live and it is because of these reasons I want to say on my opinion that it is not worth engaging in as a young person who have not really married.
Firstly, the rate of divorce in our society today is alarming and premarital sex has been proven as a major cause of this. How does it happen? After couples who have engaged in the act have finally got married, there will be this lack of trust between both of them. Supposition and suspicion sets in due to the fact that they have engaged in the act at one time or the other and he will think, ‘she’s done it with somebody else, she’ll do it again’ and she will think, ‘he’s done it with somebody else, he’ll do it again’. With this, either couple will develop a wild kind of jealousy towards the other which will result in both of them keeping ‘unending vigils’ for each other and when one gets tired of the whole issue, he/she will think of none other thing else than filling for a divorce.

Another reason why I want to be against it, is that it comes about with a hunting psychological trauma. There will be this problem with flashbacks, ‘hunting memories’.
The holy write as well condemns it. Alphasoars, sex is worth waiting for then. Firstly, the fact that you know that when you walk down the aisle, your marriage will begin pure sexually. Both virgins. Again, it’s worth waiting for because when you guys come together as married couples, there will be that full trust for each other.
Furthermore, those hunting memories will not be there and that calmness of mind as against any STD that might set in to cripple your family will not be there.

Sebastian Temple writes in a little comparison between love and lust, lets here him,
“Love is silence – lust is roar
Love is sacrifice – lust always wants more
Love is giving – lust only takes
Love is a meeting of hearts – lust breaks”
With this write, I have known that premarital sex is found on that sandy foundation of lust. Haven’t times changed? No. have you stopped being a boy you were when your mother gave birth to you. Readdress your minds.

Happy soaring!!!


  1. Hiya Alphasoar.. I love the name ooo... Its distinct.. So permit to kindly say that this is my first time here, and i love it already :). However i do not totally agree with you.. You see Oga boss, Sex is a choice, same as celibacy is.. It would be wrong for us to totally condemn sex before marriage cause in all sincerity it is a kinda excercise, and therapy.. Also, we all have different levels of Self control. Okay lemme ask this kind question. Which do you advice.. Masturbation (1 man sex) or Actual Sex? think about it, every man has a choice to do that which he/she pleases, but in all what ever rocks your boat, kindly stick to it. Nice post Oga boss, it was intelligently put. :) Cheers

    P.S: Thanks for stopping by i am humbled by your support to the Young and Confused team.

    1. yup and there he is, the captain of YnC blog. I officailly welcome you to Alphasoars Blog. Am sooooooooooo honoured you deemed it fit to visit us. Thanks again and again.
      @Sex is a choice, same as celibacy is.. It would be wrong for us to totally condemn sex before marriage cause in all sincerity it is a kinda excercise, and therapy.. Also, we all have different levels of Self control". yeah quite understanding but you are the one to control that emotion and not the other way round. Exercise, therapy . . . agreed and stand on it for married men.

      Thanks again for coming and do justice and turn up again!!!


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