Friday, 9 September 2016

Alphasoars Healthcheck: Intelligence and Nutrition

All hail Alphasoars.
How has the soaring gone. I sight wonders in the skies.
Let's have a Health check, shall we?

According to recent research carried out by UNICEF, they by the research reveal that in the nearest future if nothing is done to curtail it, Nigerians 'will be raising unintelligent adults'. Simply put, in the nearest future Nigerians will be made up mostly of unintelligent adults.
Someone asks then, 'at this point in time, can we say that Nigerians are intelligent?'
That question if to be answered depends largely on the angle one views it. It is on Healthcheck because the major causative agent of this is malnutrition or inadequate food intake. And this is high now that it is visibly in the country that there is hunger in the land.
So many of us will claim that such analysis is not for us either because we have money or because we eat three times a day. But to many, a large question sign could be written over the food they take in and tag balance diet. Balance diet has largely been defined as a diet that contains the six classes of food. But to some extent I will beg to differ. Balance diet is a diet that contains the six classes of food 'in the right proportion'. So then examine your food and define its content properly. In the rural areas, the diet seen on the menu each day is worrisome but for poverty or for whatever name we tag it, it has become a norm having a day's menu like, rice in the morning, yam in the day and garri or eba in the evening as breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in most homes where this form of feeding is obtainable, the products are like to be people of low IQ. This is not criticising any family because all hands are not equal but a clarion call to watchfulness in the type of food we take in.

Aside feeding, Intelligence could also be boosted by reaching out to and gaining general and peculiar information. Sitting idling from morn till the end of the day could be disasterous to one health and brain development. Therefore, great effort should as well be made to acquire useful information daily. I don't see how one can make progress when he is deforemed, for, when you are not informed, you are deformed.

That is it for todays healthcheck. Feel free to talk to us using the comment box.

Aside: you could be on the verge of having a good day everyday when you forgo the news updates within the early hours of your day. This is because 90% of news we read are negative and so filling your mind with negative informations at the beginning of your day is not appropriate.

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