Monday, 3 July 2017

It's Past Six O'clock

Time is really running fast and waiting for no one. I remember how I shouted Happy new year just 'yesterday' and then today we are half gone into the year.
Its past six already and we delivered some post on the blog. Let's check our diary . . .

January . . .
We wished ourselves Happy New Year here and moved on as America's first black president steps down for controversial Republican candidate. His last bow contains his last speech. The third post for January is a motivational one, SeeNoLimits and we left off discussing Diabetes, its meaning and prevention. Nigeria's political jamboree was discussed when we talked about A Likely Thunder.
In all, we had five posts for the first month of the year.

February . . .
I told you my blogging journey story when we talked about Blogging, the intrigues. I challenged all Alphasoars when we talked about Maximising 'the one'. We might have that one thing in us that might seem insignificant but when harnessed bring an explosive result. We then had the essay by Sir Alex Otti which was titled, Teacher, Don't Teach me nonsense. The next post was that of fun and humour, Please Come in Here lemme me epp you. Nigeria's telecommunication networks wahala was discussed and then Alphasoars blog listed its main objective and focus.

March . . .
Our first post sought to analyse home responsibility, we talked seriously about it here On Who Lies the weight of a house. The second is almost like it. It bothers on balancing a deficit relationship. So I ask, Do you know how to cure a deficit relationship?. You can know more from this post.

April . . .
The Big Brother Naija came to a close and one of the country's commentators had something to say. The post was written by Rueben Abati. Many people get inspiration from many places, both good and bad. I tried to expose the hidden danger in getting inspiration from addictive and dangerous habits here.

May . . .
Our politicians have not been helping at all. In this post we saw the backward state of our polity and the imminent danger we are been subjected to because of some persons selfish desires.

June . . .
Pretense is never good at any time, be sincere to people you meet around you and tell them how you feel. We talked about that here.
There is something about eating vegetables and pulses as compared to other things one might consider eating. We talked about that here.
Nigeria is got a good spirit, read here and find out about the spirit of Nigeria. Some person are too afraid to try new things, so I urged Alphasoars here to Please, press the spoil button. A controversial post went up here, where I was narrating about an act carried out in search of vengeance and revenge. Got some backlash though. Read that here.
Some folks go about their day to day activities with sad faces, they look forward to making connections but the can't. Read here and find why. The last post for the sixth month is the second part of the essay written by Sir Alex Otti. Read Here.

We had about twenty three posts for the first half of the year. We are expecting more.

Happy soaring!!!

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