Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Country, How fah?

All hail Alphasoars . . .

It's been a while since our last post in here. I have issues that have been bothering me the past few days. The first one is that I can't find my president. The Nigerian president has been away for the past two months and no information whatsoever regarding his whereabouts.
I totally don't get it when our government cannot be accountable to the people that put them on the seat. Nigerian people are people that easily adapt to changes, no doubt. I think, that is why when they feel what they are doing is to the detriment of the people, they will still go ahead knowing the masses will in the long run accept it as their fate. Pathetic.

Secondly, our economy is not growing. What the heck is not happening. Empower citizens, they will not. Instead, they find two Keke, four sowing machine, three motorcycles and maybe some branded shirts and wheel barrows and they still has the guts to organise shows just to commission those silly item they bought for 'their people' and that also 'with the people's money'.
When you did a borehole and you celebrate. So you don't know you are supposed to provide water, electricity and other social amenities for the people. Okay, Ka'odiwazie!

Just two days ago, I learnt of a popular table water company that just folded up. I was in a total shock. Think about the job losses. The production manager and crew have lost their job. The packaging, branding, transport, sales, purchases and all other members of the working crew, they have all lost their jobs. They have all been sent back to the job market. At least, a thousand and five hundred jobs have been lost.

Don't forget that indebtedness is when your government gives you, N50000 to do business and return the money in sixty days. This is even when the cost of living has skyrocketed and nobody seems to care.
Poverty is when your government gives you N41.66 every hour and N1000 in twenty four hours and N30,000 in thirty days and you are giving an assignment to carry out. With this pay, you still got to carter for your feeding, house rent and sort bills. Oh well, someone said, It is better than nothing!!!
One sycophant was on national television telling the whole world that the government is trying, that he saves from the money at the end of the month what he will use to start business. Nwanne, odikwaragi egwu o!

Agitations are coming from all angles and someone said, don't mind those people. They are jobless people who have no work to do. I think so too. But sooner or later, they will give you extra works. They give your security agents work to guide them when protesting. They give the government extra work to try stopping the agitations and that is when it has gone almost overboard. They give the government extra work to stop their means of reaching their members, be it online and offline. They give you enough work when you try to stop agitations from this side and the other side is picking up the challenge. They give you extra work when they go wild in disturbance and destruction of assets as was the case of the Niger Delta Avengers. They will always give you work.

Agitations need to die sooner as it has started to avoid escalation. End the agitations now!





Happy Soaring!!!

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