Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to Cure Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Today I shall talk about Attention Deficit Disorder hereinafter referred to as ADD. What it is and how to most probably cure the disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder is a state of disorderliness in management of engagements. It happens when one is not able to totally finish any task he undertakes.
There are many successful people out there and if you take time to study their past history, you’ll discover that one thing is evident in their success story – they undertook many failed businesses. At the end of such discovery, we hail them for that, having gone into several business ventures and failed.

Some of these person could have made it in the first business pursuit they entered but they could not because they set a time-frame for their success and when it seems their time has elapsed they back out and pursue other forms of enterprise. What happens to sticking around till you make it? It might be longer than the time you have set but no, you want it quicker and this eventually leads you to having Attention Deficit Disorder. When this happens to you, it means that you have lost #focus. 

What it (ADD) entails;
The individual does things haphazardly and undertakes multiple engagements and tasks without completing any.

What happened to him?
He lost focus as a result of unplanned multitasking. Research has shown that multitasking is highly not advisable as it doubles the time to complete a task. Someone who always engages in multiple tasks will in no time lose focus, its resultant effect been Attention deficit disorder.
Mind you, someone who we often refer to as Jack of all trade might not have ADD. He is one who has knowledge in many areas of work and tries to fit in when required. It is never the best way to undertakes courses as it makes the individuals to not fully have mastery on a particular area but it differs with Attention Deficit Disorder in that, the person with the later has kind of multi tasked himself knowingly or unknowingly and along the line looses focus and starts gambling with his time.

What it does to him;
It makes him directionless and puts him always in a state of confusion. He lacks courage to undertake any course he will always leave it half done. It is so dangerous to one who is a public servant or entrepreneurs as he will lose clients as he will always disappoint - he takes contracts like some Nigerian politicians and leaves them half done after four or eight years in office.
How he would have avoided it;
1. He would have avoided it by undertaking tasks one after the other.

2. By learning to turn down offers when he knows he has a task at hand already.

3. By proper time management to avoid always running late on appointments which might warrant one venturing into multitasking.

How one can disband Attention Deficit Disorder from his life;
1. Dieting. Attention Deficit Disorder is somewhat connected to memory loss and forgetfulness and can be remedied by proper dieting and taking in high amount some selected protein and oily foods such as fish, eggs and coconut oil.

2. Avoid new assignments until tasks at hand are fully gotten over with.

3. Work with a plan as this can boost your focus.

4. Allow yourself ample time to sleep and rest as it will boost your organizational control while gaining energy for tasks ahead.

5. Focus is gained by total concentration. Learn to concentrate on things for a long time. In this aspect, patience is a virtue that should be imbibed and nurtured. Some persons bring themselves into entanglement with attention deficit disorder when they have goals but are not willing to work gradually in seeing the goals come true. They expect 'miracles' and 'quick successes'.
John wants to make enough money for himself. He has heard of importation, he has heard of retailing, he has also heard about making enough money through supplies.
He goes into retailing and within the next few days, what he was expecting never happened, he has not been made richer. While still at that he starts importation and also not getting the desired result he starts the business of supplies of whatever he thinks will bring money overnight. At this point, he has engaged himself with three businesses without a hope a success as his initial hopes has been dashed. This type of lifestyle is typical of Attention Deficit Disorder. He can't give the required attention to any of those ventures.

But if John had concentrated on one of those businesses, who knows, as the saying goes, his success might have been closer than he thought until he left off to other things and lost concentration on the business.

6. Learn to delegate assignment. You cannot do all things by yourself. Learn to always assign work to other people while trusting them to deliver a nice job. With this, you will focus on what you are currently engaged with at the present.

Happy Soaring!!!

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