Thursday, 24 August 2017

Short Story: Wahala X Palava

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Let us tell a short story today. Read below!
Audu has not been himself lately. He has lost his job and the signals from his home drags him back every time he was about to retire to his house after each unfruitful day’s adventure. For the very past few weeks, his chain of meetings had yielded nothing new to him except for frustrations and ill lucks.
His wife, Halimattu, has also had her own fair share of the forgoing and ongoing frustrations. In fact, the previous two nights, they had gone in without food due to harsh decision by her neighbour who sells food stuffs but refused to lend her items to prepare for the evening meal pending Audu's return from his journeys.

Chief Okanta has been faithful in advising Audu about how to go through life happy, lively and free but had never giving him any financial assistance. Audu remembers him and decided to try his luck today. He already knew full well of what Okanta always offers - unending advise and counseling.

"I have heard you perfectly Audu. Our relationship has lasted these past years, and cannot be despised no matter what. I won't bore you with another series of counseling since your disposition shows that of a dying hungry man in front of a hungry lion". Chief Okanta said after listening to Audu's tales.

"Oka, please just help me" Audu pleaded.

"Just so simple a task, Audu and I shall shower you with all you'll want in riches." Okanta started, "I shall give you enough help as I could but are you ready to do just a simple thing for me?"

"Anything, Chief"

"Alright, I shall give you financial assistance based on the number of wealthy people you know and have made friends with"

"Chief, you are sounding childish a bit, am dying already and you know it"

"Audu, just do what I asked you and give me feedback anytime and rejoice as I shower you with money and money upon money"

"But I know many wealthy men in this town, even in this country. I know many of them!"

"Yes, I know but you don't have a friendly relationship with them"

"So I should just know them"

"And have a friendly relationship with them. Know their in and out and them vam!!! You’ll get from me, what you have not gotten from me before"

Audu has never run into a more perplexing situation more compelling and confusing as this one. He got home, explained to his wife what Chief Okanta had advised him. They both slept over the issue and in the morning, he was ready to embark on a friendship-making journey that will seek to turn his life around.

As he was about to move out, Halimattu called him back and asked him "What did you think Okanta asked you to do?"

"Nothing other than making friends with rich folks" he replied.

"And what do you think is the reason behind this mission he has asked you to embark"

"Nothing much. Just to know them in person"

"What do you think is the meaning of knowing someone in person as Chief Okanta has advised you to? Do you think it is just to see them facially and collect their contacts? Listen my dear husband; I feel there is more to this than what you are thinking"

"So tell me, let me get to work, time is running out"
She held her hand and brought him inside and sat him down.

"This is my take on the issue. He wants you to know what this people did and are doing that kept them up there. It is more like knowing their success secrets. A man only reveals his secrets to his friends who are closer to him when they interact. There is also another means, one can get knowledge from his friends and that without even meeting them for a private discussion - it is by reading their books and watching their videos if they have one." The wife explained.

"And why did you think he gave me this assignment?" Audu asked.

"You know you had managed three failed business. And at that time even up until now, you don't have any business management skills. He wants you to learn them, most probably, develop a good workable business plan"

"I see, but this is going to be tougher"
"It might seem tough, but you can do it, one step at a time. You can start today. I have some savings with me. Go and buy Okamedola business book and Damfote's business outlook and success manual. You can spend three full days with them and at the end meeting them in person might not be necessary which might not even be obtainable since those guys are super busy and within the reach of the common people"

"Your idea seems perfect" He hugged his wife.

The journey started in earnest. He bought the books and more, devoured them. Trained was he fully in the art of business management. He drafted a powerful business plan. This took him barely two months and he was done. 

Okanta was seated in his parlour when Audu entered and handed him everything he had on him, hardcopy and verbally. Quite convinced of Audu improvements, Chief Okanta handed Audu an open cheque to write the amount he needed to start his business.

And thus Audu got out of all his financial mess within seven months of implementing his plans. It boils down to making yourself ready before seeking for help.

Happy Soaring!!!


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