Monday, 21 August 2017

Airtel: Theft in the Morning!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Our amiable President is back into the country. He gave some minutes speech earlier today where he addressed the nation on mostly National security and which has sparked outrage and fury from the opposition. They expected him to tell the country how he will turn the polity overnight but for crying out loud Baba went for medical treatment, he wasn't attending Harvard Business School or some seminar of some sort. Give him time. At least twenty more months, lols: D.

I talked about telecommunication networks in this post. But today I have to call out one. Every team wearing red has something in common as it is that atom of instability.
Manchester United FC has kept their red jersey intact but since last two seasons, they have been dancing around the premier league table, like, first today, tomorrow sixth and next the bottom of the table. But we keep praying for them so that the legacy Sir Alex Ferguson left them won't be dead and forgotten in a rush.

I know the two clubs that made waves last two decades the most were Chelsea and ManU but today, they are just surprising us anyhow lols. The red shirt is still on them.

Whenever I leave my house every morning, I always pass by a particular bank. That bank is not encouraging young entrepreneurs. They have large operating space but employ two or three to be running the business. I went into one some time ago to make deposit and on getting there, I saw four post with Teller signs but was discouraged that only one teller point was functioning and operation. The four points has only an employee that does their jobs. You will have a long queue waiting to be attended to by just one person. Oga Tony have been an encouragement to young people with his many business and foundation but that part of his business is not given anybody encouragement. They still maintain the red flag.

Airtel Mobile Network has been on for some years. They keep moving from one name to the other. From Celtel to Zain and now Airtel. They are still going to change. Those are not my problems. These people have moved from 10% on borrowed credit to 15%. That is not the problem because. But tell me why, you will borrow credit from this mobile network and if you don’t use the credit immediately, they withdraw the money they gave you unto 'repay matters'.

See it this way, you have a business that requires urgent attention but don’t have airtime to call your business partners but you must have to. So you request for airtime credit to pay latter. You try to call your business partner but his line is not connecting. You stopped trying to reach him through that medium after some time. Within two hours you receive notification from Airtel informing you that the money you just borrowed has been deducted again to repay your loan and you are advised to recharge to repay the rest.

You requested for 100 and after 15% deduction you are credited with N85 and now the N85 is deducted and you are required to recharge to repay the percentage charge. What a means to steal. What happens to leaving the borrowed amount for the customer until he recharges and then you deduct the borrowed amount. This is not making sense. The Yello nation has a technique of doing this. They have a separate account for your main balance and borrowed balance.

So you understand why this red colour is not always good. This colour does not fit on some businesses but it does on some. Please Airtel change your colour and change your service style.
Why do customers pay for what they did not use or have not used? Doing business to the detriment of your customers is tantamount to fraud. Business is a mutual thing. The business owner gains and so also the customer who requests for such service.
Airtel is hereby called upon to kindly review this part of their service and enhance service satisfaction. NCC is also called to look into this form of thievery.
It happened to me. Am a customer. So I write from experience. If it has not happened to you or you haven’t noticed it yet. Just ask any customer who have had to borrow airtime from the network how it feels like.

Please let us make Nigeria again and let us not believe that @2niteflavour sang that ‘Oppressor’ song for some of these businesses mining on the ignorance of their customers.

Happy Soaring!!!

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