Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Yet Again, ASUU strikes Nigerian Students!!!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

I nor dey happy at all at all. Just learnt in the news that our own very Academic Staff Union of Universities alias ASUU have gone on an indefinite strike. This according to the memo they released, is on the basis that the federal government has not been able to implement all agreement they reached in 2013 during the administration of the past government.

It is very painful to hear that in a country as Nigerians, none of her graduates will boast of a hitch, strike free four years of study in the higher institution.
Our resources, if harnessed are enough to take care of these issues that are always arising. I don't see a country that wants to succeed but won’t invest in the lives of the younger generations through education and providing opportunities for these ones to basic amenities for their self improvement.

The strike issue in the country has portrayed the low effort been inputted by our so called leaders in making our educational institutions to stand. They keep going for endless meetings. They keep reaching over zealous agreements. They keep posting the implementations of their part of the bargain.
The ASUU people on their own have not been helping us in achieving these great heights we are thinking to reach in the nearest time. But alas, every moment, the Union keeps telling their members to stay back at home in total neglect of teeming Nigerians students who will start roaming aimlessly on the streets.

Did anybody tell us that social vices will not rise at this time?

Did anybody tell us that our youths won’t engage in restiveness?

Have they told us that the female will not misuse this opportunity for their own hurt?

Have they thought about the High blood pressure that will be aroused as parents keep seeing their ward around for which they go out every day and night trying to provide for their upkeep at school being irresponsibly used by political masters for selfish interests?

Did they even consider that the amount of time a student will spend at home will almost be equal to half of the time that they are most likely to spend in their various institutions if the so called 'indefinite' strike is not called off.

Me nor wan hear who dey right or wrong, to you #ASUU and you #FederalGovernment, Send Nigerian youths back to school!!!


Happy Soaring!!!

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