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The Importance of Water

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We shall highlight a few but most profound importance of water we have found. The importance of water cannot be over emphasized. The importance of water is what has made it a general commodity with a bold tag - No Man's Enemy.

In some few countries, good and clean water has not been at the reach of most person because of its scarcity. This could be caused by natural phenomenom or man made environmental pollution. In those places or countries, they drink whatever liquid they could find and at such risk shortening their life span as they invite disease causing organisms into their bodies.
Good and clean water is one which has no taste, has no colour and it’s free of whatever form of contamination. Humans through scientific research have been advised to take larger quantity of water on daily basis. Three areas we have found water useful is what we shall be discussing shortly.

Dehydration. We have been told that major part of our body is made up of water. Loosing these waters through various means such as urine, sweat without adequate intake will lead to dehydration. A state where your body is short of bodily fluid mostly water.
When this happens, you become uneasy as operation of your body parts are hampered. You’re bound to start developing headache, been dizzy, a pressing thirst and your body begins to dry. To avoid this, a reasonable amount of water is required on daily basis to maintain and remain hydrated.

When you refuse to drink enough water, your body begins to dry; it then triggers some hormones in the brains which start of rapid process of sourcing for water from every part of your body. It draws fluid from every part of you and when it gets too low and it starts drawing water from your brain, you are bound to lose mental coordination.
In essence, water helps in preventing dehydration and all that comes with it.

The Dead Cells in the body need be passed out of the body as every other waste is. They become toxic when they are stuck in the body having no channel to move out. These dead cells with the help of water is filtered from the blood, the kidney and other parts of the body and are removed from the body as urine, sweat and faeces.
Some infections too could be easily flushed out of our body system when one drinks enough water. Some sickness like fever, malaria could easily be avoided when enough water is taken while we can also contract typhoid through drinking dirty and infected water.

We also know that Carbon Dioxide and other oxides of carbon are waste products since what we take in is Oxygen. To be able to distribute enough oxygen around the body, enough fluid is required and that boils down to the amount of water in you which will be mixed with blood to carry out this activities. Sometimes, we see people falling on the road or even in our religious places and we term them demonic oppression meanwhile this person hasn't taken water for the past three to four days and some of them stay in places so dry and stuffy without ventilation. In observing spiritual obligation, one should be observant and careful not to exceeds his body limits.
Water is required in the body to move toxic materials out of the body.

Lastly, constipation, among other causes is the absence of water in the body. Some other causes of constipation include improper dieting, lack of exercise and going for hours or days ignoring the urge to drink water. Some people do this because they feel like, they are going to visit the common room more often than they think is required.
Constipation is the inability to pass faeces due to its hardness and one cannot completely empty the bowels.
You keep visiting the toilet and still won't pass urine. It is so a serious dilemma and uneasy state. 
Constipation could be bad for a person. It could lead to one developing piles in the long run. Many things could be avoided if humans could heed simple instructions of which one is drinking enough water on daily basis.

So up there you have it, some of the things water helps us to achieve, do and avoid. Drink enough clean water daily and live healthy. And remember not to replace clean drinking with soft drinks. Water has no substitutes.

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