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What they never told us about working hard in this present age

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E haf teyyed we enter here oh. Please use your spiritual mind and give me 5 minutes to sweep the environment before we go enter the main ish for today.
Ok, we are done, hey hey!!! Howdy all? In the news lately, some celebrities are celebrating - birth, new songs, movies and some are crossed with pains of intangible frustrations from home, friends and fans. The ones that got separated, the ones that died and the ones that are accused of having a hand in murder cases.

Also in other news, the world did not end again last month as some people told the world. All these theorist and so called religious propagandists weh not leave person alone with yeye news upandan.

Any ways, lerrus move into today's topic . . . Shall we . . .

Growing up, I have seen things and I have also experienced some. Life is full of mysteries and most of them are accompanied by experiences that each one of us must at one point or the other pass through. It is no doubt we have been preached to, admonished and encouraged in one way or the other.
But nonetheless, it may never settle with us historically except we experience them ourselves to be able to tell the tales that follows.

Every one of us wished success will just locate us and hit us very hard that we may heave a sigh of relieve and say, 'I don hammer'. Our minds were later disabused when they told us that, we can only attain success by hard work and perseverance.
The latter line of principle is generally spoken and widely accepted. But I think there is something so cunningly avoided by many, that we have not been told. Truth be told, Most of all the truths we have been told about life, does not exist. They are mere fables, preached by elites, imposed on the gullible and accepted generally by the ignorant.

Let's get down to what I want to say without wasting your precious time. It is basically this, 'hard work without the Proper Connections in Place, you are most assuredly wasting your energy'. I so believe that as there as so many ways to kill a man which does not even equal the few ways we know to make love, so also are there many ways to 'Work Hard' and they don't equal or lead to success.

Virtually all the things I have gone through have been because; there was somebody that knows somebody that knows someone and so it is for everybody. So in essence, if you have something to offer to people, your prayer should be for you to meet that somebody that knows another person to give you the opportunity to showcase what you've got. A celebrity I followed posted something on his page about how God has helped him to scale through, a fan who has understood the 'LINES' "based on the basis" asked him also to help him get connected to people that will allow him sell what he has.

I am not in any way trying to tell anybody to stop working and start looking for connection. No. You must have worked and mastered and art before seeking relevance. This post and most of my previous post which I will list at the end of this post, do align to one basic principle, "Prepare yourself first before you seek to announce your availability".
What am trying to point out is that you must seek to get connected. IN the Bible, Jesus after talking about tax collectors and their seemingly evil ways in Luke 16, he points something very glaring in Verse 9.
 Go check it out and seek the meaning of what He was saying.

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