Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Nameless Woman at the Well

All hail Alphasoars . . .

How is the year going abi running at your end? Just yesterday we celebrated the New Year and now we are celebrating the end of January. For those on a white collar jobs, it is always a pleasure to see the 28 day of every month. It brings smilesssss, Hahahah. I know many people can relate very well.

A tired Jesus needed to rest. He has need for food - He is hungry and thirsty. The almost helpless disciples have abandoned him without a company to fetch victuals. He is sitting weary at his great-grand-father's well, anticipating a miracle to himself (Someone to give him water from the well), that's going to be a life saving miracle too.

Someone is already asking me if Jesus actually needed the water to keep fit, have strength, can't he just command supernatural strength?
Well, I don't have your answers yet, let's concentrate!

And within minutes of anticipation, his much needed energy giving food arrives; a soul to feed his thirsty heart for man's eternal salvation. He cannot wait but to grasp this opportunity. He already knew what women want; "Tell me something new and hidden" is always a curiosity spirit that must be satisfied is you want to get to a woman's heart. (Did I reveal a secret?).

An all knowing Christ has to win this one soul to be fed. He has to play a conversation game but today he is going to do something new, he has to break some rules. He is also going to make some new ones.

Before getting to this point he has already broken the rule of Superiority which states that the Junior must wait patiently expecting the Superior. Christ is a Superior to this nameless woman but he broke that rule and sat patiently at the well waiting for this nameless woman, this nameless nobody (pardon the terms).

Firstly, he has to break the traditional rule. The elders from both ends (Samaritans and Jews) have directed every citizen to keep off the other. When you see a Jew, just change direction hence the language, "... The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans"

Secondly, he broke the rule that says, "Whenever you meet someone you don't know, don't talk personal matter, like disclosing your identity or life details". He broke that too. On a first date, Christ was already talking about the woman's love affairs; her husband(s).

And now the news in full . . .

Christ is always interested in everything that concerns you. You may think he is only going to come to your aid when it comes to spiritual things. But no! Like His encounter with this nameless woman, he also cares about your love life and family. A peaceful family is a sign of a peaceful life which equals long life from the few equations I have seen solved.

Stigma is not a big deal to him. In whichever form you have been stigmatized because of one thing or the other, forget all that and remember the nameless woman. She must have been stigmatized and called a harlot or prostitute for having herself in the house of a sixth man.

Finally, never underestimate your "well visitors". They might be the injection you need to spur your life in the right direction. Maybe this woman has never engaged herself in any form of sport before, but after she met her own "well visitor", she was able to RUN and SING about her new friend. Passion can be born when you break your own rules and other traditional rules when you meet your "well visitor".

I pray you meet your “well visitor” before the end of this year and a new story will be documented about you!

Happy Soaring!

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