Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Lord Help!!! Our Churches Run the Highest Cabal in the World!

If you hear me mention half the name of your church as you read on, then you can complete the rest for me, otherwise, no church is in focus as I hit the keys on my keyboard. Just what every other person has noticed but might not want to say, write or query. And that might be because of lack of opportunity to express such views or the criticism it might bring.

The church as I had always known is basically culled from a Greek word which means called out or called out ones. In essence, it has no physical attribution to things such as buildings. But for the smooth gathering of the called out people for "Fellowship", "Braking of Bread" and "Prayers", there has been need for physical place of gathering.

In a sense, you are not been called out from where you were to start loafing about, no. There is a place that the most High has put his name and there, you must gather to receive commands on your lines of action.

After Christ left earth, the disciples decided to build themselves another country, a separated place where they will just stay and hide from what is going on in the world. The people that have lands, quickly sold the lands, those that have occultist materials burnt them. They brought all they have to the place of gathering and 'laid' what they've brought before the Apostles feet. From here, foods were bought and was cooked, served equally. Dedicated men were set aside for this mission of whom Stephen was among.

Later, they were found wanting. They have left preaching and were serving tables. Persecution came, they were dispersed. Every man preached where he found himself. 
First lesson, they were not meant to acquire any form of colony for themselves to live in since they are not to just stay at a particular place.

At the mount of transfiguration, Jesus took three men with him and these were from the inner circle. After the incident that shook them, Peter made a statement, "Master, it is good for us to be here" (In his heart, he has alienated the other nine. Maybe to him, they weren't holy enough since Jesus didn't bother bringing them to witness his transfiguration), "... Let us make three tabernacles here, (He was already trying to settle at the mount without the others) one for you, one for Moses and the other for Elijah". The Master never consented since that wasn’t in the plans.

We are having a real issue in our churches today. Firstly, it is a matter of doctrine. Everyone thinks he is the right man, speaking directly the mind of God. He might decide to focus on whatsoever theme he pleases. Be it Prosperity, Righteousness, Holiness, Heaven, love or whatever he believes is his 'calling'. But maybe that's not the issue here. What's the issue then?

Our churches today have alienated themselves from the world in every sense. They have gone back to 'before the persecution'. 
They build cathedrals; people sell their land or give it up to 'churches', sell their cars and bring in the money to the church.
They are 'inside the churches now' (staying), braking bread daily, they are having internal fellowships daily, they are having prayers daily. Is that not what happened before the persecution came and they were all scattered?

In our beloved country, time is coming and every denomination is going to be a country of its own. How do I mean?
They have their own 'named cathedrals', they have their own schools and hospitals, they have their own transport systems, their markets and economics systems are streamlined to suit their members and none members find them uncomfortable, they won't have any option than to back off. Are Christians of the twenty first century not calling for another round of persecution? 

In the meantime, members of denominations are not allowed to visit others people's denominations, if you do, you're 'back-sitted'. You shouldn't have anything to do with the other people, they aren't as clean as you - avoid them. The heads of the various denominations are firing on their member not to allow others indoctrinate them at all - so they won't get corrupted as they are 'flying to heaven'. 

Before the persecution, members who sell their lands just brought the money and lay it at the apostle’s feet. People that brought other items, as well did same. What they brought was evenly distributed to the necessity of saints. They have food for everybody since they have already formed 'one family' and had to feed themselves. Nobody is dying of hunger rather people can die when they lie to the Holy Spirit. But today, people can truly die of hunger - devil and spirits would be blamed and deliverance conducted for the remaining family. Oh how?

In today's form of religion in which we have found ourselves, what members bring in are used rather to build edifices and multi-billion cathedrals while members suffer in silence. Nobody can say, let's reduce what we are building everywhere since we know that Christ return is eminent. But they can't say that, since they have been convinced to bring in all they have and even the one they want to eat and sustain them. They are hungry! How do you want someone to speak up when he has not eaten, from where will he muster strength from to say ‘no’ to these.

The cabals have taken our lives. They have mentally killed the people, who have been compelled to bring in their all to them and 'wait patiently for the riches of the gentiles' to fall on them. They forgot so soon that you can't eat where you did not sow, and so are waiting for unrealistic events. 
Paul the great teacher went to people he had preached to previously and were saved. He couldn't believe what he saw. He started placing curse on who has come and who will come to reduce, detort or preach another message contrary to what he had received from Christ and passed to them. In the next chapter, still amazed, confused and perplexed how they derailed, he asked them, "Who has bewitched you, oh foolish Galatians".

Lord, save us from the cabals. They have not seen how all attacks globally are targeting Christians and warn their followers, but they are still bent on ripping the gullible off of what they have left. Even Elijah took that woman’s last meal for a day and gave her meal for years. No, they didn't read that!

The form of cabals that are been run among religious people of today is extremely powerful, more than what we find in politics. Nepotism, favouritism, Materialism, Ethnicism and all vices has the highest ranks in the religious setting. Now you know that what we are experiencing in politics is much minimal to what we see going on in our religious grounds.

Lord save us!!!

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