Sunday, 18 July 2021

Investment and Today's Realities

This is Alphasoars blog for some of you that are new to this blog. Here I talk about everything as it relates to our everyday growth, personal and corporate development. I have talked about investment on this space before and you can find most of them when you click on the Checkpoint Label.

Today I want to look at investment and looking at what is currently happening in the society. There are many investment options available to everyone. It depends on the resources at your disposal in other to take up any of the numerous options. Monetary investment have seen many people depressed or even have met unfavorable circumstances due to the fact that these investment options were not yielding profit or totally crashed and investors have been left stranded.

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Coin trading have characterized the world economy. The twenty first century investment is now something of personally buying investment options yourself without the need to go through the banking channels. Individuals can now buy shares, stocks and trade directly themselves. Which is quite good since you control the movement yourself. Instead of leaving your cash with the bank at a significant low interest rate of point two percent in most cases per anum, you learn how to, and trade directly by yourself and could garner as much as twenty percent on investment. Though these things, financial market trading takes time and requires rigorous training period - It is also wise to know that there are other forms of investment out there.

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In today's reality, stock markets or in general, financial markets are not stable. They are never stable. They fluctuate with occurrence and happenings in the political space. Knowing this as well, will help anybody that is trading in the financial market to know that any period of great political instability should be a no-trade-period. Because the markets will be extremely volatile.

Apart from this options of stock, shares and coins trading such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, dodge and others, the option of tangible investment should be explored. This deals with investing in physical assets such as landed properties. This investment option is never volatile, and they do appreciate reasonably with time. Those investing in real estate are of course building multi wealth opportunities in this regards. Land or properties bought today at $100 will and can never be sold at any rate lower that $101. It is most likely that a forty percent interest will be accrued within a three years period.


Major factors that could escalate prices for land and landed properties will include geometric economic growth and systematic development of areas where these properties are situated.

My take would be that anyone wanting to invest should consider investment in properties and real estate as present day realities favors such investment.

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