Thursday, 22 July 2021

Everything Goes: Sports, Politics and Economics

 Hello everyone, here is where I rant on anything and everything. Sometimes, we are serious in writing well researched essays, other times we just want to be free and use the space whichever way we want.

So here on Alphasoars Blog, updates will be coming up quick and fast. One of them will definitely be on sports. I am a great lover of football. I played football while growing up almost every day. We played with balls we bought in the market and sometimes, we make our own balls. We made them from fresh rubber, ropes and folded papers just to play the game of soccer whenever we don't have access to good balls. So you get why I am in love with football even up till now.

I moved my love for football a little further by choosing two beautiful clubs in the world to support. I loved the way these clubs play and as well, I was attracted by some noble names in the club. And because of that, the updates I will be reeling out on sports will center majorly on these two clubs. One is a Nigerian Club and the other is a European Club. They've not performed so well recently at the champions league level - both of them, I must add.

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I have observed as well with keen interest the things that are happening around the world and sometimes I tend to imagine if the apocalypse will be taken place the next day. Tuning in to news, you will hear reports of one unfortunate incident all the time. No breaking news comes good these days, most of them if not all, are always news that stress people mentally. That is why someone recommended that people should avoid news early in the morning, they spoil ones mood for the day.

In Nigeria, it is one problem or the other. If herdsmen are not entering farms and destroying crops, Boko haram and Iswap are appointing and reappointing leaders, or our representatives are trying to pass useless bills. Other times, some of the representatives are staging a walk-out. No be their fault, we go survive sha. Some of us are still looking for VISA sha (In case you are reading this from any country outside Nigeria and your country happens to be offering free VISA, please don't forget to send me a buzz. I will appreciate)... At some other times, separatist groups are running amok, protesting and also being arrested and detained.

Coupled with harsh economic realities, people loosing their jobs and thinking what to do next. Cryptocurrency crashing at all time low and giving people high blood pressure. Some of which resulted from economic shutdown that happened due to the COVID19 health situation world over. The sad reality about the current happenings is that the government elected by the people to safe guard them and their livelihood seems to be paralyzed, weak and most of the time in effective. It is not just in Nigeria or Africa, it is a major development all over the world.

Something drastic needs to be done and also soon. There is sight of third wave of the virus in some countries and it won't be favourable to anyone that will be caught in the web of lock-downs and shutdown of economic activities. World leaders need to sit down and re-strategise on how to better the lives of their populace.

The world needs healing, so says the King of Pop and now is when it is most needed.

In the midst of all these cries and weeping comes Obi Cubana and the elaborate burial that happened in Oba in the Eastern part of the country, Nigeria that has remained in the news for the past one week. Also we won't forget in a hurry that it is also in the middle of this whole brouhaha of Coronavirus that Jeff Bezoz traveled to space spending over two and a half million American Dollars in Seconds.


Did I tell you that the two clubs I am supporting are Enyimba International Football Club, Aba and Football Club Barcelona. Now you know . . .

Hey guys, I needs to stop here, the ink in my pen is finished and . . . . . . . . . . .

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