Monday, 26 July 2021

Two Types of People You Should Never Employ in Your Organisation

I have thought of talking about this subject for a few weeks now. But I have had to use the flat four cornered black keyboard on my work desk to type some other things. Sitting on my office desk today, keenly observing the best office ergonomic approach, I have decided to put pen to paper, oh scratch that, Keyboard to text I meant to say . . .yeah.

Please the above statement is just me trying to look for a new way to introduce my topics on this platform. So please pardon my manners. Now let's get to the topic, shall we . . . 

You will agree with me that organisations that are thriving today have done so because they have recruited capable hands to manage their daily affairs. And to this feat, we give kudos to the Human Resources department for such diligent in making only the right people are engaged. While we reminisce on this feat, we also need to understand that some organiations have not been so lucky in their recruitment process. The have hired some individuals who have questionable characters and motives and thereby slowing down the organisation from achieving it's set goals and objectives.

Today, I want to talk about two types of persons that do not deserve a place in your establishment as they will reduce the organisational work process to the barest minimum. At such, steady losses and dissatisfaction from customers will be encountered.

First on the list are the opportunist. Opportunist are people who try to circumvene organisational process to suit their selfish aims. They always try to by pass protocols and take advantage of certain circumstances in the organisation for their own profit.


Companies and related ventures are set up to make gains and profit. And from those profits, Salaries and wages are paid to staff. Utility management is sorted out. So when companies do not make gains, the organisation might not be able to meet up with it's responsibilities which will negatively impact the contracted personnel. And why this is so sometimes is because some opportunistic individuals recruited by the company have decided to exploit loopholes in the organisation to their own gain and at the company's detriment.

This set of people deserve no job. Regular and thorough auditing could fish out most of these opportunistic group in the company fold. And when they are found, you know what to do. (In case you don't know what to do, send me a mail. I would gladly help).

The second set of persons are those that can mostly be known through customer satisfaction survey. Their actions put the company the work for in great grave danger. They are the Sadists. They drive pain in seeing other people suffer and as a business owner, it is not different. They are only happy when the company makes losses. And only then are they satisfied. 

Sadists turn turn every opportunity to attend to customers as opportunities or avenues to satisfy their ill fated barbaric desires. They hijack organisational processes and re-author then to fit their goals. Sometimes, their ill fated mandate to see another sad, cumulates most times in sexual advances and sexual satisfaction. They are aggressive and tend towards organised rapists and kidnappers.


They manifest in higher institutions as lecturers and professors who will do anything and everything possible to frustrate students of opposite sex and this they do to satisfy their sexual tendencies. We hear a lot about this type of lecturers, who are only out to disgrace and put their institutions to shame. They exist in every institutions. They are sadists!

Do not engage them in your organisations.

What do you think, talk to me via the comments.

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