Sunday, 15 August 2021

Messi Returns to Barcelona . . . 😕

So Messi actually returned to Barcelona after his break to sign his new and improved (although downwards) contract but was met with a disappointing news. He could not sign, as his contract although having being reviewed with 50% off cannot  be accommodated in Barca's huge wage bills. He has to be told to look for another club.

Can you believe that after a whole twenty one years, Barcelona is going to be without Lionel Messi 😭😭. Only God knows how am feeling. Heartbreaks have taken a better part of me over the years with players leaving albeit in a post-playing manner - not over contract difficulties. I was saddened when Iniesta left. One of the greatest players of our time and incredible player of the game. I almost shed a tear when Suarez was forced to leave the club as well when Roanld Koeman came in and decided to tweak the team in a certain way.

Of all the dissapointed over the years and some of them been Barcelona losing three matches that could have won us the league last season, the one that pains me the most is our captain leaving this summer. E choke o!

I am a bit disappointed that this happened but I want to take great solace in that he is going for a great challenge elsewhere. Not going down but upwards. He has signed a two year contract with Paris Saint-Germain with option of a third. Every fan of his will support his moves and as such not join in the bandwagon of irrelevant demeaning discussion about the Great. Since we all love Barca and Messi, we will also encourage PSG to not let Messi down, so we will have to cheer PSG to victory but in case the Champions League final is between PSG and Barcelona . . .

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