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8 Ways to Live Better Than Yesterday

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Happy new week to you. Hope you had a great weekend and set for another week of activeness and achievement. The month as well ends tomorrow and ushering us into November, the second to the last month.
I wish everyone a flavoured, favoured and fruitful week and happy new month in advance.

Today, I shall within three minutes look at 8 ways one can live a life that is better than what we had yesterday. The views expressed are practical, quit engaging and also simple to indulge in. Every one of us has had some bad days in the past. Maybe yesterday or some other days gone by, but waking up doing the same thing you did then will not make you any better. To get better, you avoid certain things and imbibe certain also.

Let's get to it, Shall we?

Read a good and motivating book
They have always said, information hidden from Africans are be found in a book. I think that saying is true because most of us don't have time to open the covers of any written materials. We are always in a hurry to break new grounds but the needed information to do that, we don't have. We rely on a piece of advice we receive from our immediate friends and close associates.
But alas, if yesterday wasn't fruitful as you had wished, why don't you visit the nearest bookshop and shop some books that cut across your line of engagement and put yourself through and stop relying on half-baked information from 'quacks'.
Whatever you are trying to venture in today has already been tried by someone else somewhere and some of these people that have tried it have made themselves generous by putting down their experiences on the pages of a book so you too won't make any mistakes. So today, to make the best of it, find a good and motivating book and read through.

Put off your mobile phone for about 8 hours
This one may sound somehow but I assure you that it helps. sometimes our mobile phones eat up the better part of our time for the day and we are left we a tiny fraction to carry out numerous task. Why then can't you put that damn piece of metal off for at least 8 good hours and concentrate on a task till it's done. Somehow you don't have to start thinking about all the things you will lose but think about that one major thing you stand gaining when you follow this step.

Be kind to social media but aggressive to its content
Aha, this like the past point I had listed seems same but may not be. At this time your mobile phone is on, can you just be honourable to turn off your notifications? You may be kind to social media by not uninstalling those apps but you should be aggressive to those notifications that cause you much distraction. Sometimes, it could just be by turning off your phone data. For me, sometimes the data gets exhausted but i won't make any subscriptions for some time. This is not because the resources is not there, but because I know within that period, I will get enough time to help my very self. You could do same.

Don't procrastinate but always take a 15 minutes break when on a seemingly hard task
Some of us have been giving a chair and a table to do our works. But do we need to get glued to them? Are we tied to finishing a task in no time that we forget that there is need to take a break? Are you aware that if you don't take the needed break, you might eventually break down?
Please today is a new day, leave that your fine seat with your beautiful table and take a walk outside. It will help.
Sometimes the resources you need for that task you are killing yourself in there will just flow in to you from nowhere when you take a break and have a walk.

Let your favourite music put you in active mood
My earpiece is never far away from me. Why? Because sometimes relaxing could be hard but when I turn my music player and select my favourite songs and put them on repeat, they help me calm my nerves. You can always forget and overcome your worries when cool music pierces your ears. They not only pierce your ears, they also pierce your worries. 

Always ensure you eat healthy and energizing food
Junk foods won't help. Find energizing food and eat and you won't get into running out of energy for your task. They must also be healthy. Some things we take in are energy giving but are not healthy. Please avoid them. I used to hear of a particular drug that some individuals take. They derive spontaneous energy from it. But that doesn't last; they get weaker when it fades away. That form of energy is destructive to the body. I learnt the drug is outlawed.
Be better than yesterday by taking healthy foods and don't forget to take your breakfast.

Don't tie yourself, get outside and have a good walk
Like the fourth, always find time after a hard day's job to have a good walk. You may not have that enough time to have a 'good walk' at work with just fifteen minutes but when you are done with the day's work, don't hesitate to have a good walk.

Allow your bed give you the much needed comfort
Worries don't buy breakfast for tomorrow but they make you lose appetite for it. Avoid worries and curl up yourself in bed and have a good sleep.

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